TATTED by Renee LaRuse

Description: When good cop, Misha Barrett, collides with reformed ex-con, Mark “Nello” Giovanello, it’s instant chemistry. But can they navigate their extreme differences to make a relationship work?

The Good: I love when authors really go opposite with the “opposites attract” trope and Ms. LaRuse absolutely does. TATTED is a very compelling story with an engaging and funny hero. It’s easy to see why a cop would initially be attracted to this bad boy, who turns out to be a truly dedicated love interest. I also love that he talked too much; he felt like a real guy. This novel is both interesting and different. I have a lot to say in “The Bad” section, but fully recommend giving TATTED a read if you’re looking for something different.

The Bad: There are quite a few clumsy execution issues, including ill-advised interior thought italics, long speeches, and exact statements about how the heroine is feeling (a symptom of telling not showing). Though the relationship starts out strong and sweet, the heroine eventually proves to be extremely uneven. For example she has little to no reaction to proof of the hero’s hound-dogging past, though she is supposed to be love shy after having been cheated on. And though the book has a nice circular plot within it, the overall story is dragged down by additional scenes and tacked on story lines. Overall, TATTED needs a firm-handed edit.

The Naughty: Sensual. Lots of sexual tension. Massage.

Editing issues: 3 typos. Word misusage. Head hopping. Improper formatting. Adverb abuse. POV errors.

Publisher: ReneeRomance Books (Indie)

Length: 149 pages

Final Grade: C+

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Theodora Taylor lives, writes, and reviews in Pittsburgh.