AFTER THE KISS by Violet Williams

Description: When Ebony Rivers meets Demetrius Sorventinos, it’s chemistry at first sight. The only problems are she’s already dating the son of his Russian mob boss, Maxhew Kournikova … and “Demetrius” is really an undercover cop named Tony. Oh dear…

The Good: This is a very high stakes premise with hot sex and edge-of-your-seat situations. Also, the story is told from the first person POVs of Ebony and Tony/Demetrius, and their voices are written with a strong hand. You’re never confused about who’s doing the talking. Overall, the book was a very compelling read.

The Bad: Ebony is very passive and when she does take action it’s often for dubious reasons, with which the reader might not agree. We are given many reasons to cheer for her getting out of her relationship with Maxhew, but in the end, that makes it hard to understand why a smart girl would get into and stay in a relationship with such a an unrepentant thug in the first place. It becomes really hard to root for her continued relationship with Tony/Demetrius, when one suspects that the heroine is being dumb and putting her life at stake for someone she believes to be another thug. Also, there’s a bit where Ebony has an angry memory of one of Maxhew’s friends using the n-word in front of her, which is supposed to insinuate that Maxhew isn’t above racism; but then she laughs when Tony/Demetrius calls her an “Indian giver” a couple of pages later.

The Naughty: Steamy. Masturbation. Cheating. Violence. 

Editing issues: 10 typos found. 2 counts of idiom misuage. 3 counts of word misuage.

Publisher: Quiver Publishing (Indie)

Length: 139 pages.

Final Grade: B-

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Theodora Taylor writes and reviews interracial romance novels in Pittsburgh, PA.