Description: After almost getting over the heartbreak of being unceremoniously dumped by her first love, Sawyer, Hayden Sinclair has managed to move on with his long-time rival, Luc, another ridiculously hot businessmen. But then Sawyer comes back to town and makes it clear that he has every intention of winning her back. What’s a girl to do?

The Good: This was the first interracial romance I ever listened to on audiobook, and I really liked the experience. I’m hoping more will come out in this format. The sex is very hot, and Ms. Vaughn does a very good job of presenting Hayden’s conflict. Readers will have a lot of fun rooting for Team Luc or Team Sawyer — if you’re wondering, I was firmly on Team Luc.

The Bad: The story is very sexy, but suffers from an abundance of momentum-killing and often unnecessary conversations. For example, it’s great that Hayden gets along with Sawyer’s much younger half-sister, but it’s excruciating to sit through pages of them shopping for an appropriate dress for her Sweet Sixteen when you’re dying to know what’s going to happen next in the much hotter love triangle.

The Naughty: Erotic. Menage. Sexy dreams. Outside sex. Peeping Tom.

Editing issues: N/A

Publisher: Carina Press

Length: 208 pages

Final Grade: B

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Theodora Taylor writes and reviews interracial romance novels in Pittsburgh, PA.