Books I Recently Downloaded After Reading the Sample — Fall Edition

Oh, my goodness. I’m sorry that I haven’t been blogging as much as usual over the past few weeks. My day job isn’t directly connected to the election, but things always become almost overwhelmingly busy during election times. So despite starting this blog right around this time last year, I don’t have nearly as much time to read this year. Let me tell you, I can’t wait for November 7th. Hopefully Obama will still be in the White House and I’ll have time to read again.

And wow, do I have a list compiled. But before I get into that, let’s go over the books I didn’t end up finishing from my last list.

1. THE DOCTOR’S SECRET BRIDE by Ana E. Ross. I don’t have a concise explanation for why this book didn’t hold my attention, but I put it down after a few chapters. However it is very well-reviewed on Amazon, and a big seller, so definitely judge this one for yourself.

2. THE MARK OF KANE by Nadia Aiden. I had very high hopes for this book and what I read was very well-written. But the situation became too bogged down in plot for me, with the mystery/adventure driving the story as opposed to the romance.

Now for the books I hope to get read before the end of the year:

1. SHIRA by Tressie Lockwood. I love a heroine with baggage to overcome and a grumpy hero. This story has both.

2. TAKEN BY MOONLIGHT by Violette Dubrinsky (pictured). I’m super-excited about this one. A shifter who doesn’t like humans and an uptight heroine who might not be quite what she seems. The sample was really good and I can’t wait to read the rest.

3. THEY SAY LOVE IS BLIND, BEAST and BABY GIRL AND THE MEAN BOSS by Pepper Pace. I’m a huge Pepper Pace fan, so I count myself lucky that she’s so prolific. I can barely keep up!

4. CARNAL KNOWLEDGE by Celeste Anwar. Well, I love vamps, and I especially love a spunky hero. But I’m a little concerned that this story will fall flat despite the solid sample, since it’s yet to be reviewed on Amazon.

5. BLOOD ANGEL by Anastasia Rabiyah. This book has a very intriguing premise and sample, but like no sales and one review. Curious. But I’m hooked. Let’s see if the rest of the story is as good as the sample.

6. BROWN SUGAR by Lena Matthews (pictured). Lena Matthews is one of the authors that made me want to start writing IR, and I’m always happy to read what she’s whipped up. I also love the historical aspect of taking it back to the key parties of the 70s.

7. TAMING LONDON MACKENZIE by Jordan Bell. White girl with a bad attitude gets tamed by a Latino blue-collar worker. Normally this wouldn’t be my cup of tea, but the sample was surprisingly well done. Hmm, let’s see how it goes.

8. NEGOTIATING SKILLS by Laurel Cremant. Ms. Cremant dropped me a note about her book, and I really liked the sample, which combines two of my favorite tropes: business and pleasure!

9. STEALTH HONEYBUN by Sam Cheever. A small town IR that revolves around a grocery store stick-up. Say what? The sample was good, but I’d probably read this on premise alone.

10. STRANDED BUT NOT ALONE by Cora Blu. I love IRs set in foreign locales and this one takes place in Austria. Also the hero is Russian. Ooh-la-la!

11. PRISONER OF DESIRE by Sophia Rhodes. I’ve been wanting to review a lesbian IR for forever. And this one is set in prison, so I’m already intrigued. No Amazon reviews, though, so let’s see.

12. DESERT OF DESIRE by Wynter Daniels. The hero is a gardener, which is a profession I haven’t read before in IR, so I’m in!

13. DREAMS, DECEPTIONS AND DESIRES by Barbara Sheridan (pictured). Another historical IR romance, and this one is a western ensemble. Must be my lucky season!

14. HIGHLAND HIJINKS: GREAT SCOTS by Shara Azod. The cover is TERRIBLE, but the sample was pretty intriguing. An American stranded in Scotland gets ambushed by two Scottish brothers, who also happen to be gods. Well, hello!

15. LUSH CURVES by Delilah Fawkes (pictured). Plus size Hawaiian heroine gets offered the modeling deal of a lifetime by a handsome Scot. It’s been a while since I read a BBW romance, so this had me at hello.

16. CYBORG 2150 by Charisma Knight. What would you do if your dead husband was returned to you as a cyborg? This intriguing premise had me clicking the download button.

17. BABYSITTING THE BILLIONAIRE by Nicky Penttila (pictured).Well, I went to a tech school and ended up marrying a techie, so how can I resist a romance involving an artist and a tech billionaire hero? Answer, I totally can’t. The only issue is, though this showed up on my interracial romance search, I’ve yet to figure out the race of the heroine. Hmm…

18. COSMIC FORCES by Tatiana March. Again, I went to a tech school, so how am going to resist a romance featuring two awkward, introverted astronomers. Again, I was powerless not to download.

19. SPECIAL KIND OF WOMAN by Jamillah Bergman. A story about a playboy who ends up looking more than twice at a very introverted plain jane. Though, I’m hating the hero from the start, his possible redemption is enough to keep me turning me pages.

Have you read any of these books? Are there any books you think I should have included? Let me know your thoughts!







  1. Moni
    Mar 25, 2013

    When is your next book coming out and what will it be about?

  2. Mimi8520
    Nov 30, 2012

    i simply love your new novel, i think it is a great addition to your 50 states romance collection. I was wondering if you have read the IR paranormal novel Dark Thirst by Sara Reinke?

    • Theodora Taylor
      Dec 12, 2012

      Thanks, Mimi! No, I haven’t read it. But it looks good. Downloading the sample…

  3. Shellett2000
    Nov 25, 2012

    Read Special Kind of Woman. I enjoyed it. I didin’t feel cheated afterwards and I finished the book. That in itself is saying a lot. I do not think I’ll whip it back out to read it over again but I do smile when I see it in the list. Read Carnal Knowledge. Your presumption is walking the line of reality. It gets you hot and salavating for more and then it like……ends. It made me look at the back of my Kindle for a chapter that must have fallen out. I guess what more can you expect from a short story? Now on to you miss, when is Wolf &Predjudice coming out next year? What nationality is the heroine? You are like romance family now that I have read everything you have written and I know your name, so you get the verbal beatdown if this book is not to come out until April or later. I, a member your fan family, will cut you some slack until April at the very latest. Any more time than that is sadistic! :). Hopefully that can get you going.
    Peace and Love

    • Theodora Taylor
      Dec 12, 2012

      Yes, I think Carnal Knowledge will be by next review. It had so much potential, but … this is why I’m too scared to try my hand at short stories.

      I’m reading SPECIAL now and am about ready to kill the hero, I’m so spitting mad at him. Hopefully she finds a way to redeem him.

      WOLF & PREJUDICE will be out next June. The heroine is biracial, Inuit and African-American and she’s a piece of work. I really like her.

      But eek, no verbal beatdowns please. The next book, which is set in Alabama, will be out in March. :)

      • Shellett2000
        Dec 16, 2012

        Sadist!!! I’ll forgive you. I can do this because you are just too darned talented and you offer me such great stories. However, I will continue to moan about it. Well you can’t rush perfection. Just remember June is the date or else they may find me alone in a dark corner rocking :0). Johanna Lindsey use to do this to me with her two book a year release. Still love ya and thanks for making me smile with your reply. Will get Her Perfect Gift as soon as I have a moment to read it without having to be up all night reading and then going to work looking like I had a hard night!

        • Theodora Taylor
          Dec 16, 2012

          I’m a HUGE Johanna Lindsey fan, and I can remember waiting for her books back in the day, too.

          Hahaha! I just told another reader that was complaining about staying up all night with HPG that the secret is to always start reading on a weekend or holiday morning — that way you don’t lose sleep. I’ve figured that out the hard way. :)

          And thanks for the extra incentive to deliver the next wolf book on deadline.

          • shellett000
            Jun 28, 2013

            June almost July. I’m just saying :0). We got a new system at work and there is a shortage of quality reading in the IR genre. Do a favor for mankind woman and get that other Wolf book out. I’m hanging by a thread. Finally got and read Her Perfect Gift. Must say loved it. Will be sure to review it on Amazon. It made me laugh and was definitely a shocker. Good butterfly producing work there Lady! I was on vacation so you made the blue water and full moon even more beautiful. Keep up the good work but time is ticking on the Wolf book chicky poo.

    • Theodora Taylor
      Dec 12, 2012

      Oh, and how did I forget to mention HER PERFECT GIFT, my current book, which is out now.

  4. Cerisa
    Oct 22, 2012

    I’m reading “Taken By Midnight” right now and I’m really enjoying it. I’m a huge fan of IR shifter stories, especially werewolfs, so I was already on broad. This stories has everything, wolfs, vampires, witches, gods, you name it. It’s more of a romance/ action book because there is a lot of action going on. Plus this is a very lengthy book, so you are getting your moneys worth. I hope you will enjoy it as much as I am and I can’t wait to read your review on this book and on all of the others.

    PS: I also read “They say love is blind” and I have to tell you, this story was one of Ms. Pace’s best books. I fell in love with both of the main characters and their love for one another just make you all gooey inside. The love scenes are HOT and the hero just makes you melt. I think “Beast” is tied with this story for number one of my best books from Pepper Pace.

    I too couldn’t get into “The Doctor’s Secret Bride”. Even Though it was written well, It lack spice for me, plus I didn’t feel any real chemistry between the two characters.

    • Theodora Taylor
      Nov 14, 2012

      Cerisa, thanks for your comments. I’ve been too busy to read all month, but now I’m free and really looking forward to diving into all of these books. I’m reading TAKEN BY MOONLIGHT now.

  5. nelle
    Oct 22, 2012

    I read Special Kind of Woman and I really liked it, I wished the Heroine made the Hero sweat a little more for what he did, but all in all I reaally enjoyed the book and am going to check out more from this author. I also love your books, My Russian Billionaire is y fav!

    • Theodora Taylor
      Nov 14, 2012

      Thanks so much for reading my books. Yes, I was really intrigued by the SPECIAL KIND OF WOMAN sample. We’ll see.