Description: When sassy Kaeli collides with Cajun Lycan, Navarre Lyssandro, it’s chemistry at first sight. If they can survive the vampires who are out to get Navarre, they just might make it work.

The Good: Really good action scenes. Kaeli was very sassy and Navarre was very sexy with clever claws that extended (kind of like Wolverine’s). Also, gotta love a Cajun accent.

The Bad: Though I liked the characters, there was no time to get to know or care about them. And though the story has really good bones, it was clumsily executed. It felt like getting an outline as opposed to a fully fleshed out short. Also, see the Editing section.

The Naughty: Steamy. Explicit language.

Editing issues: Weird indents in places. Incorrect capitalization in places. Lots of syntax errors.

Publisher: Indie Author

Length: Short (less than 1000 locations on Kindle)

Final Grade: C

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Theodora Taylor writes and reviews interracial romance novels in Pittsburgh, PA.