Description: When the shy, sensitive, and damaged artist, Noelle Greene, collides with the handsome, commanding, and also-damaged alpha male, James Rothschild, sparks fly, but dignity gets destroyed.

The Good: What an intense novel and what a crazy and tumultuous relationship. I ripped through this book and couldn’t turn the pages fast enough. It was like reading a paso doble.

eve vaughn whatever he wantsAs someone with natural hair and anxiety issues, who ended up in a different field than what I studied in college, the character of Noelle and her journey to self-realization really resonated with me. But this also made reading this novel a little upsetting. Noelle reminded me so much of myself, that I had a very visceral reaction to her — I don’t think I’ve ever cheered so hard for a fictional character to get a backbone.

As for James–oh my gosh does Eve Vaughn do a great job of making you hate a character, only to redeem him beyond well at the end. If you don’t throw your Kindle across the room, this will be a very satisfying read. I also, loved the story’s structure which was tight and on point and the character of Noelle’s cousin.

The Bad: As far as I know, this is Eve Vaughn’s first foray into indie publishing, and the book has a few craft issues like prose restated as dialogue, tons of interior thought, see the “Editing Issues” section. It could have benefitted from a strong copyedit.

Also, ┬áthe dialogue was off in that it often didn’t match the characters. For example, many of the characters from rich backgrounds had terrible grammar. But this is one of those books that I would totally recommend despite these issues.

The Naughty: Erotic. Sex in exchange for money/goods. Explicit language.

Editing issues: Several typos. Weird formatting at chapter breaks. Syntax issues. Idiom and word misusage.

Publisher: Eve Vaughn Books (indie)

Length: 252 pages

Final Grade: B+

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Theodora Taylor writes and reviews in Pittsburgh, PA.