A BATTLE RAGING by Sharon Cullars

Description: When Maya Temple, an earnest art teacher meets her new student, Zachary Yarborough, an unruly, paraplegic war vet with PTSD, it’s clash at first sight. Can these two learn to see eye to eye in art and in love?

A BATTLE RAGING sharon cullarsThe Good: If you’re looking for something a little different, this is the book for you. BATTLE is finely written with well-realized characters, who actually feel like real people. I liked the Maya character especially and really wanted to take her art class–too bad I don’t live in Seattle and oh yeah, I kept on forgetting, it’s fiction.

As for the hero, I loved that Zach had complex anger management issues, which the author did a very good job dealing with in a realistic way. Before reading this, I didn’t realize how sexy watching a man actually deal with his issues could be, but strangely enough, it is. And, if you like Seattle, you will appreciate how well it’s depicted in this book. The city feels like a main character and it made me want to visit.

Last but not least, the plot is intriguing and sweet (despite the hot sex scenes). I bought this without reading the sample and so wasn’t disappointed. What a distinctive and compelling read. I gobbled it up!

The Bad: There are a few over long dinner scenes, that interfered with the book’s overall a pacing. But foodies might love that so many scenes are based around eating and/or cooking.

The Naughty: Erotic. Wheelchair sex. Extreme violence.

Editing issues: A few typos–not too bad.

Publisher: Indie

Length: 167 pages

Final Grade: A

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Theodora Taylor writes and reviews in Pittsburgh, PA.