BEAST by Pepper Pace

Description: When plus-size beauty, Ashleigh, meets Chris, a “beast” of a marine with a face disfigured from a cleft palate at the gym, sparks fly. But can she overcome her baggage and make an HEA happen with the best man she’s ever had the honor of dating? BEAST quite deservedly made it to the semi-final rounds of this year’s Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award contest.

16050911The Good: I’m so late on this, that I doubt anyone who reads this review hasn’t actually already read the book yet. But I’m going to just go ahead and add to the gush fest.

This book is sooooooo good. I love that the heroine is plus-sized and struggles with both self-esteem issues and Type 2 diabetes. Ashleigh is incredibly relatable and I could not recommend this book more to women with similar issues.

You will be hard put not to fall in love with Christopher, he’s such a wonderful and caring hero, a sensitive guy with an alpha body, you can’t beat that. Loved his loneliness, loved his damaged face, loved everything about this guy–he’s so well-drawn. And as for his and Ashleigh’s relationship, I’ll quote the note I made on my Kindle while reading this: “so fucking romantic.”

BEAST is a very full and satisfying book and totally worth the price–in fact, I would say it’s underpriced. Oh, and the sex scenes are great.

The Bad: The too long last act and epilogue throws off the book’s overall structure. You totally won’t mind, though, as these characters are hard  to say goodbye to. Also, see editing issues.

The Naughty: Erotic. Sex in the woods. Lots and lots of sex.

Editing issues: My version was purchased before the ABNA version came out, so the following may no longer be of issue. Several typos. Weirdly formatted on my Kindle with random paragraph breaks. Loads of missing commas.

Publisher: Pepper Pace

Length: 367 pages

Final Grade: A

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Theodora Taylor writes and reviews in Pittsburgh, PA.