WOLF AND SOUL Delayed [Huge Sad Face]

I’m feverishly working on bringing this tale to a close, so I’m not going to take up too much time with this post.

Wolf-and-soul coverMain Point: WOLF AND SOUL will not be releasing on December 31st (today) as promised, and I am so very sorry.

2013 really threw me for a loop as far as finding out the difference between what I think I can do and what I can realistically do. And December… well, it’s a tale as old as time, filled with unexpected present shopping, obligations to relatives, and of course, ear infections (ear infections seem to be the universe’s way of keeping parents with deadlines down). And I don’t want to throw the Steelers under the bus, but them coming thisclose to the playoffs did not help as far as writing on Sundays went.

But those are excuses. Mainly I’m sorry because as a fellow reader, I know how badly I’ve let you down.

One of my 2014 resolutions is to make my word impeccable, so I’m hoping this will be the last apology I’ll ever have to issue for not keeping a promise to you. But meanwhile, please know how terrible I feel about this delay.

I am so in love with Tu and Grady and I love and respect my readers so much–I want you and this couple to be together, I really do. If I could fill this post up with “I am so very sorry” ala THE SHINING, I would.

So the big question is when will WOLF AND SOUL come out? I’m hoping sometime in January, but I can’t say for sure when yet. The one promise I can safely make is that I will let you know as soon as I can. Meanwhile, one more huge, huge apology to close out this post.

I’m really, really sorry.



  1. mistyrose13
    Jan 12, 2014

    I am eagerly anticipating the next book in this series! I
    LOVE these books. I have purchased all of you books on Amazon, except the book
    set in Alabama, mainly due to the reviews. This Wolf series books are AWESOME!
    I’m an avid book reading and your style of writing, genre and character traits
    and development get hit marks from me. I’m hoping the next book is available
    for purchase soon!

    • Theodora Taylor
      Jan 12, 2014

      I’m so glad you’re enjoying the series. I’m hoping to have some good news soon. Thanks so much for reading my work and leaving this comment. I really appreciate it.

    • mistyrose13
      Jan 13, 2014

      Oh my..I just re-read my earlier post and noticed all of the grammatical errors…note to SELF… proof-read before hitting the send button! :) I have two questions…one, do you plan to use additional categories (sci-fi, future time travel, etc) in the yet to be written and released books in this series and two, will the book with Florida as the setting be released in 2014? I’m partial to my hometown state!

      • Theodora Taylor
        Jan 20, 2014

        Florida is not on deck any time soon. :(

        But time travel is coming back in a big way for the next wolf trilogy. As for the rest….spoilers. 😉

  2. Bumblebee
    Jan 9, 2014

    Love, love love your writing style. I was disappointed about “Wolf and Soul” but I understand life happens. I look forward to the release. This series is my favorite so far! I will be honest and say, the only book I purchased that was not my favorite was The Wild One:(. I didn’t care it’s structure but everyone is allowed a misstep and you totally redeemed yourself in “His One and Only”. Can you say clued to a book! Wow, please keep them coming. I’m a new mom and books are my escapes;). Thank you for all your hard work and imagination!

    • Theodora Taylor
      Jan 9, 2014

      I’m glad this series is your favorite. I’m always striving to get better, so that inspires me to…well, keep on striving! and as a not so new anymore mom myself, I hear you! i don’t think i would have gotten through nighttime feedings without my kindle!

  3. shellett
    Jan 7, 2014

    I almost forgot the Ravens fan…..well Ravens supporter since I Don’t watch football in me, will only let that Steelers excuse slide since y’all didn’t make it to the playoffs. At least one holiday wish was granted since I didn’t get my book :). Sadistic of me to gloat yes. But if we didn’t make it I’m glad y’all didn’t either. Still luv ya though.

    • Theodora Taylor
      Jan 7, 2014

      Thanks for your understanding and forgiveness, but I just about hissed at the screen when I saw this Ravens comment. Stinkin birds, man. Don’t like any of them except The Penguins…

      • shellett
        Jan 7, 2014

        LOL. Yeah well I loved the tee shirt I saw at the york fair that said “I Don’t make a habit of hating things but I’ll make an exception for the Steelers”. We can still be friends but it will be a little strange like republicans and democratics being friends, I’ll be the democrat :). Get to writing and editing so that I can sequester myself in my room and ignore the outside world…wait that might make me the republican…..what am I saying that just makes me congress.

  4. shellett
    Jan 7, 2014

    Ok madam Taylor it has taken me a week to get back to speaking terms with you and then teen wolf came on and ruined my new found calm. Darn you lady! I just wanted you to know that the delay of this book has dealt me the same blow as the Scandal winter hiatus. I want to hold a press conference and write to my congressman or something. Playing with people’s emotions should be illegal! I know you feel really bad about the delay and truthfully this is the first time that I can recall you promising delivery on a specific date and not delivering. You are just guilty of giving the wrong “around about” time (“prejudice should be out around about June”). I am a true fan who is willing to wait but I have to complain so as to continue to crack the whip. Seriously Don’t let the delay get you down. You have an awesome gift and I am elated that you share it with us. I’m hanging in there but I don’t want to see a wolf, think about a wolf or hear about a wolf until Soul comes out—I’m just too sensitive right now ;0).

  5. Studgirl776
    Jan 2, 2014

    Theadora you have to do prequel and tells us Wilma’s story. I have to know how a city girl adapted to Alaska.

    • Theodora Taylor
      Jan 3, 2014

      I love Wilma’s story, too–but not enough to do a prequel. :)

      Too many other stories burning to be told. Though that is an awesome idea… now I’m torn. Darn readers! Always influencin’ and stuff.

      • Studgirl77
        Jan 3, 2014

        Okay sad face !!! But one more nug I need to know if Wilma in her youger days was more like Alisha and fought her arranged marriage I have a hard time beliving she went quitely you have me thinking really hard here. PLEASE PLEASE EASE MY SUFFERING!!

        • Theodora Taylor
          Jan 3, 2014

          Wilma was totally happy for that marriage. Her niece, the Princess of Detroit is a lead in the next Wolf trilogy and you’ll find out a lot more about Wilma’s background then. But long story short, she’s nothing like her daughters. She was very happy from the start to have unexpectedly “mated well” and wants the same for her daughters.

  6. Ilovebooks
    Jan 1, 2014

    No problem! I am sure it will be worth the wait! Happy New Year!

  7. Nsheils
    Dec 31, 2013

    I’m so sad about this! I’ve been checking and checking for days. Please don’t give a promise of a release date if you can’t deliver. I think things come up in life, but it’s always better to under promise and over deliver. Patiently waiting and hopeful it will be some day soon.

    • Theodora Taylor
      Jan 1, 2014

      You’re absolutely right. I’m really sorry about promising a release date and not delivering. But thank you for agreeing to wait and read the book at a later date. That is so cool of you and I truly appreciate it. I’ve learned a valuable lesson, and in 2014 I’m going to kill the over promising habit and focus on better communication with my readership and on delivering the best books possible as quickly as I can as opposed to as quickly as I want to. Thank you so much for taking the time to leave this comment.

  8. Renee Malvoisin
    Dec 31, 2013


    Its understandable but can you at least give us a synopsis …please ^_^

  9. LaKeshia
    Dec 31, 2013

    So sad to hear this! I’ve been refreshing on Amazon all day trying to find it. I guess I’ll have to wait patiently.