AMBER’S FANTASY by Pepper Anthony

amber's fantasyDescription: When the otherwise practical, executive assistant, Amber gets caught with a stash of menage a trois novels by her company’s IT guy, Ray, she’s more than a little embarrassed. However, Ray’s intrigued and more importantly, wondering if he and his cousin, Carl, can make her fantasy come true. But how to get around their company’s pesky no-dating policy?

The Good: This is a cute little love story with some nice will they or won’t they suspense. Perfect amount of story for the length. Ms. Anthony doesn’t go too big or leave her readers wanting more. Also, love that it’s set in Portland.

The Bad:¬†Amber’s bestie was a bit convenient, and Carl’s character was too intriguing to be given so little page time.

The Naughty: Erotic. Menage. Fantasy.

Editing issues: None

Publisher: Beachwalk Press, Inc.

Length: 79 pages

Final Grade: B

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Theodora Taylor writes and reviews in Pittsburgh, PA.