THE MASSEUSE and THE DRAGON by Violette Dubrinsky

The-Dragon_453x680 the masseuseThere are a few authors who fellow readers often recommend I read through Goodreads and whatnot. Violette Dubrinsky’s works come up a lot. I love her paranormal work, and so when she turned her typing fingers to contemporary, I decided to have a peek.

Description:¬†THE MASSEUSE is part one of a saga that begins when an executive named Jezebel Carter gets what turns into an erotic massage by a man she thinks is just a masseuse. Spoiler-but-not-really: he’s totally not.

THE DRAGON is part two of that saga. I suggest buying both from the get, because if you’re some place you can’t download the second book when you’re done reading the first, you will be frustrated and angry at both yourself and Ms. Dubrinsky.

The Good:
THE MASSEUSE: Whatta hero! Whatta hero! Ramsey comes through the door strong and intense. If you like alphas, then you’re really going to like yourself some Ramsey Stone. And if you hate doormat heroines, then Jezebel Carter is here for you. This was an extremely sexy and engaging read and I could not scroll the pages fast enough. On a humorous note, I cannot say enough about Ms. Dubrinsky’s clever turn on the “my [kittykat]” meme. And the sex scenes were wicked hot and incisive.

THE DRAGON: This was a very successful conclusion to an epic love story, with lots of twist and turns that kept me guessing and guessing some more. The two books are well-plotted–there’s some grade A conflict here, and Ms. Dubrinsky really knows how to milk a will-they-or-won’t-they situation, while keeping things sexy. Also, Jezebel’s sister was a great and colorful addition to the cast of characters. Hopefully she’ll get a story of her own spun someday soon here.

The Bad: The sister character was a little convenient at times. There was some serious over abuse of the words “scoffed” and “smirked.” And like the last TWILIGHT and HARRY POTTER movies, this is basically one epic story split into two parts. Readers expecting two complete stories might have some feelings about that.

The Naughty: Erotic. Blazing hot. Strong language.

Editing issues: Nothing major

Publisher: VAD Publishing

Length: 286 pages

Final Grade: A+

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Theodora Taylor writes and reviews in Pittsburgh, PA.