THE SESSIONS by Laurel Rivers

619sDhp0bLL._SL1001_Description: When Serena, a grown woman, is forced into counseling by her overbearing parents, she get’s more than expected from the sessions with her sexy therapist.

The Good: Ms. Rivers has a good narrative voice, and this is a pretty clever situation. I also kind of love that the main character is a total perv. The story is structurally sound. And I’m a sucker for a good, clever last line (like “Nobody’s perfect!” at the end of Some Like It Hot). This story has one of those lines. I actually laughed out loud.

The Bad: The main character goes on long interior voice rambles, and the whole story has an early Disney princess movie feel to it: the H/H barely talk but they fall for each other quickly. Also, readers might be frustrated with the heroine, who is the only POV character, but is helpless throughout. She never gets in the driver seat, so while there’s a good story arc, her character arc isn’t all that satisfying. The heroine is so passive, her happy ending just doesn’t land all that well.

The Naughty: Erotic. Loved this set up and the situation was very hot. The sex was erotic and written well.

Editing issues: Used “clinched” instead of “clenched.”

Publisher: Indie

Length: 40 pages

Final Grade: C

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Theodora Taylor writes and reviews in Pittsburgh, PA.



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