IR Weekly Bestsellers List Rules and Category Code

Here are the rules for this list:

1. The list only includes books by authors who either self-identify as Interracial Romance writers or have a few IR romances under their belt.

2. The list doesn’t include reprints or repackagings of previously published books.

3. If one author has more than one title on the list, only her topselling title will list.

4. The list is compiled, using Amazon’s Multiracial and Interracial Bestsellers, African-American, and Multiracial Bestseller Lists.

5. The list is compiled every Monday at 12pm EST, and published the following Thursday.

6. This list is based on digital sales.

7. The list doesn’t include collections or anthologies by more than 2 authors.

8. The list doesn’t include books under 100 pages.

9. The list doesn’t include pre-orders.

10. No books over three months old shall be included on the list. Books that remain on the list for more than three months shall be retired in order to make room for other books.

11. In order to make this list, all alien, shifter, or otherwise paranormal stories must include at least one hero/heroine who is a Person of Color–as considered a POC here on Earth. i.e. – Green alien + white woman would not be considered an Interracial Romance by this list.

12. These rules are subject to change, so keep on coming back to this post for updates.

Here’s our abbreviation code:

BW or BM = Black Woman or Black Man
LW or LM = Latina Woman or Latino Man
MW or MM = Multiracial Woman or Multiracial Man
ETM or ETW = Extraterrestrial Woman or Extraterrestrial Man
AW or AM = Asian (-American or otherwise) Woman or Man
NW or NM = Native Woman or Native Man
IW or IM = Indian Woman or Indian Man (from the country of India)

Please keep checking back as we’ll add more codes as they come up.


We would like to make this list the best it can be, so if you have any feedback or issues with which books are let on or left off from week to week, please let us know at theodorawrites at


Thanks and Happy Reading!

Theodora Taylor