IR Weekly Bestseller List for the Week of Nov. 17, 2014

Interracial Best-Selling Books




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HER PURRFECT MATCHAlyssa Moran is tired of being the old cat lady with no man. She has very specific needs and goes to visit Mrs. Wilder at the Paranormal Dating Agency. Shockingly enough, she is promised a man who likes cats, wants kids, likes curves and will be wild in bed. Grayson Green needs a mate. Fast. But he refuses to be pushed into anything. That is, until a curvy funny woman shows up in his territory saying she’s there for him. Who is he to argue when someone as delectable as Alyssa decides she wants to give herself to him? Of course, not all is at it seems and some people want Alyssa gone and Gray dead. If Gray mates, the future of his pride will be sealed and no one can argue his place as leader. Unless it can be stopped before they ever get a chance to make some cubs. He will have to work hard at convincing a human she’s the only one for him or lose his pride and his mate. [0.99]

GEEK BEARING GIFTS: Nita Islas wants to find love. She’s tired of the superficial relationships and is ready to give true romance a try. Ky Stone has been in love with curvy and funny Nita since they were in High School. The chemistry between them is explosive. But there’s problems with Ky’s neighboring clan and he’s keeping secrets from Nita. He needs to find a way to open up to her or lies and unexpected danger could tear them apart…forever. [2.99]

TWICE THE GROWL: Talia Barca needs a date. Badly. Connor and Theron want Tally to complete their Alpha triad. She’s sexy, curvy and funny. But she’s human. And they’re not sure she’ll go for a relationship with two men at the same time. Tally will also need to deal with a threat from the pack. She’ll either prove she’s strong enough to be an Alpha mate or find herself at the mercy of a vicious opponent. [0.99]



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Since he was left standing at the altar, Adam Andreas has been a bit bride-shy. This handsome, sexy CEO is quite content with his temporary relationships, until the day he literally bumps into Tashi Holland. Tashi Holland is running from a man whose identity she doesn’t know, and looking for one who’s just as mysterious. Tashi feels lost, scared, and vulnerable. She has no idea whom to trust, so when she bumps into a man in a café, and finds herself locked in his arms, she panics and runs. A near-death experience brings them together again, and slowly, but surely, Tashi begins to trust Adam. Will Tashi’s fear keep her from accepting his offer of protection by becoming his temporary bride? [2.99]


(First Week on List)

Jade is a happy curvy African American woman, but she’s not a fan of weddings. So when her father’s ex wife Eve ties the knot, Jade is counting the minutes until she gets to leave. That is until she sees Lucas; Eve’s son and her nerdy housemate for a year or so. But times have changed. Lucas is no longer the tall skinny geek she used to call Gnat, but instead a handsome bachelor with a heavenly smile and a body worth dying for! Oh yer, and did I mention he’s now a billionaire? Join the two as they get to re-know each other and feelings are revealed. [2.99]


BROKEN by Teona Bell

Last Week: 3  This Week: 4  Best Week: 2

Ciera Treat thought she was going to the doctor’s office to get good news. Maybe she and her husband could finally have a baby. What she gets instead is her husband telling her he doesn’t want a baby with her, a wife who’s overweight and doesn’t look feminine enough for him. He’s already found somebody new. Broken and alone, Ciera can’t imagine anyone who has been hurt more than her and is able to hold their head up. That is, until the day she meets sweet little Melly and her single daddy. Ciera finds it hard to believe in second chances, especially when everything her ex-husband found wrong with her is still true. This time around, things might be different, because Melly is broken too, but will her daddy want to stay with Ciera once he learns the truth? [2.99]


(First Week on List)

Mason West, an ex-Navy Seal turned Amateur MMA fighter, is battling the darkness of the life he left behind. Finding the will to fight back in a woman that completes him was not something that he expected, but it seemed fate had other plans. All Maxine Shaw wanted to do was graduate, become a nurse for the best sports rehabilitation center in the country, and finally achieve the goals she set for herself. Once she catches a glimpse of Mason West, an Alpha male to the core, he awakens a fire inside of her that she never thought existed. The sparks between these two ignite bottomless passion and enduring love that shifts their goals in a way neither suspected. Before Mason and Max can embark on a journey of happily ever after, the strength of their love gets tested. Will this passionate pair be able to survive what fate has in store? [2.99]


ALPHA WOLVES by Paige Cooper & Esther Banks

Last Week: 8  This Week: 6  Best Week: 6

In a world which knows of paranormal activity but is still largely in the dark about the finer details, the curvy Jessica Brown and best friend Trina do all they can to bring light to the subject. Chasing leads, speaking to victims; it’s all part of the job. Never one to take the safe option, when Jess gets a tip off about a gathering of werewolves like no human has ever seen, her and Trina attend, planning to observe from the outskirts. The last thing she expects though is to not only come face to face with pack members, but to gain the attention of not one, but two hot shifters who are looking for a mate. However, it soon becomes apparent they’d rather share than fight over her… [0.99]

SHELBY’S PROXY by Jordyn Tracey

Last Week: 10  This Week: 7  Best Week: 7

All Journey had to be proud of in her life was her name. She was good at nothing else.In fact, she was used to taking a back seat to her more perfect sister. Shelby even had the man Journey loved, the cop Dain Sipes. Journey couldn’t take it anymore, so she left. When Dain finds her and asks her to come home, Journey discovers now that her sister is gone, everyone expects her to step in and take over where Shelby left off. Shelby’s baby girl needs a mommie, and Shelby’s husband needs a wife. If Journey gives in to the passion she shares with Dain, will she always be Shelby’s proxy? [2.99]  

8 BABY I LOVE YOU by Cherry Kay

Last Week: 5  This Week: 8  Best Week: 5

When model-gorgeous Olivia agreed to a shoot with charming photographer Sam she had no idea just how much chemistry the two would share. The passion between the two begins to grow and grow and it is becoming clear this is more then just a short fling. The feelings they have for each other are most definitely real. However, they both soon discover that the past may challenge their future. Especially when Olivia finds she has an unexpected surprise on the way…. [2.99]


9 STUCK WITH HIM by Ellen Dominck

Last Week: 6  This Week: 9  Best Week: 6

Penelope Hart used to have a normal life. But after she’s forced to spend a night trapped in a library with billionaire, Matthieu Dufour, everything changes. Crowds of paparazzi destroy Penelope’s quiet life, and when it’s all too much there’s only one man she can turn to: Matt. He promises to take her in and keep her safe. Matt has the kind of money that can make all of Penelope’s problems go away, but should she trust him? Can she get her life back without breaking her heart, or will she discover that a happy ending with Matt is just a dream? [0.99]


(First Week on List)

Meet Buzz Vreelander, a New York City journalist obsessed with romantic love. Lately, Buzz has been fantasizing about a relationship with one of the dreamy women in his Brooklyn Heights neighborhood. But Buzz is facing a problem: his “expiration date.” He wants to find love before he loses his sex appeal. There’s his friend, Radha, whom he likes, but she’s put him squarely in the friend zone. He’s also dealing with the city’s many temptations and trying to make better dating choices. Can Buzz find love before it’s too late? Will he be able to temper his desires and find a real connection? Maybe falling in love isn’t so hard after all. [3.99]





BAD BOYS NEED LOVE, TOO: NATE by Christa Tomlinson

We’ve all had our experiences with him. The Bad Boy. The one we admire from a distance, but never think of approaching. The one with the hard body, and perfect stubble, who’s too handsome for his own good. 

For me it was Nate McKinney. We met when I joined his gym. He expressed an interest in me, but I didn’t believe it. What would a man like him want with a nerd like me? Nate had to do a little persuading to convince me his attraction was real. He showed me how deep and hot his passion ran for me. Sometimes he was gentle. Sometimes he was rough. And I enjoyed it all. 

But can I trust what he says? All signs indicate he’s using me for what I can do for his company. I can’t fall for a man like that. I can resist him. Right? [0.99]

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