VEGAS BABY is here! OR What a Bastard!

YOU GUYS! Thanks so much to everyone who signed up for my newsletter, and therefore entered to win a copy of my latest novel, VEGAS BABY. And congratulations to April, Samona, Kim, Anita, Ndra, and Cassandra, the winners, who are hopefully enjoying my latest novel as we speak. It was so much fun doing my first giveaway, and I’ll for sure be doing one again for the next Harlequin book, LOVE’S GAMBLE, which will hit stores sometime next summer. By the way, I just got the cover artwork on that, and it is yummy! Can’t wait to do a cover reveal sometime over the next few weeks.

But wait, wait, wait, I’m getting way ahead of myself. Guess what?


my first Harlequin romance

is now available at Amazon!!!!

I know, I know, I know, right?!?! I’m SOOOOO excited!

Some backstory: I knew that working with Harlequin would mean a new pool of readers, so what’d I do?

I wrote a classic Theodora Taylor bastard.

So if you loved my first book, THE OWNER OF HIS HEART–Gurl, WAIT until you read this one, because Cole Benton is definitely giving Nathan Sinclair a run for his money.

If you hated or just abided THE OWNER OF HIS HEART, well… don’t say you weren’t warned.

In any case, I loved, loved, loved writing my first true bastard in quite a while. As Sunny, the showgirl with a heart of gold thinks to herself at one point, “What. A. Jerk.” (originally What. A. Dick.–but hey, it’s Harlequin. Had to clean up my language for this one.)

And as for heat level. Well, let’s just say, stay out of this book’s kitchen, if you can’t stand the fire. The series is called “Kimani Hotties” and I was not trying to have these characters not live up to that name.

But enough talk from me, though. Here’s the link to buy the book and here’s the description:


It only took one kiss… 

9780373863808_PRDWorking two jobs to achieve her dream of moving to New York, Vegas showgirl Sunny Johnson needs to save every penny. So when CEO Cole Benton makes a bottom-line decision to close the revue show she dances in, she has no choice but to confront him for her sake and for the futures of all her friends on the chorus line.

Cole expects to inherit the reins to his family’s chain of luxurious hotels and casinos. That is until his grandmother drops a bomb—get married, or say farewell to his inheritance! And the worst part? His grandmother has already decided on the lucky bride—Sunny.

So before his true motives can be revealed, one spontaneous kiss and sizzling-hot chemistry take over as Sunny and Cole fall into each other’s arms. But is it now too late to tell Sunny the truth? Could Cole’s high-stakes gamble cost him everything, including the woman he is beginning to adore?



Happy Reading!




  1. jazzintea
    Nov 2, 2014

    Ladies you do not want to miss this one- funny and sexy at the same time Classic Theodora