IR Weekly Bestseller List for the Week of Dec. 22, 2014

Interracial Best-Selling Books




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CURVES ‘EM RIGHT: Daniella Flores is looking for a good man. A man who will accept her as she is and go crazy for her curves. So far she’s had no luck in the romance department and is worried she might never find the right one. When Mrs. Wilder of the PDA offers to help, Dani is all for trying anything….Kane and Blake have been searching for a mate to complete their Alpha triad. There’s just one problem: they’ve yet to find a woman they both want. Not to worry, Kane’s mother comes to the rescue and brings in the PDA. Unfortunately for them, Mrs. Wilder has something up her sleeve and it’s not a bra. When they meet their mysterious date, they know she’s the woman they need. [0.99]

HER PURRFECT MATCHAlyssa Moran is tired of being the old cat lady with no man. She has very specific needs and goes to visit Mrs. Wilder at the Paranormal Dating Agency. Shockingly enough, she is promised a man who likes cats, wants kids, likes curves and will be wild in bed. Grayson Green needs a mate. Fast. But he refuses to be pushed into anything. That is, until a curvy funny woman shows up in his territory saying she’s there for him. Who is he to argue when someone as delectable as Alyssa decides she wants to give herself to him?  [0.99]

GEEK BEARING GIFTS: Nita Islas wants to find love. She’s tired of the superficial relationships and is ready to give true romance a try. Ky Stone has been in love with curvy and funny Nita since they were in High School. The chemistry between them is explosive. But … He needs to find a way to open up to her or lies and unexpected danger could tear them apart…forever. [0.99]

TWICE THE GROWL: Talia Barca needs a date. Badly. Connor and Theron want Tally to complete their Alpha triad. She’s sexy, curvy and funny. But she’s human. And they’re not sure she’ll go for a relationship with two men at the same time. [0.99]


2 ALPHA CONTENDER 1, 2, 3, and 4 by Terry Bolryder

(First Week on List)

Misty has few expectations from life. Work, read, sleep. But when she hears from a complete stranger that she’s actually a powerful, shape-shifting werewolf, her life changes forever. Lindon believes he already had his shot at love long ago. And lost it. The tall, blond, sexy shifter is now only trying to keep his promise to his father by protecting Misty as she learns about her new place in the world and seeks to find a future mate. The only problem: she’ll be meeting all of her prospective suitors at one time, and in one place. All TEN of them. All hot, single, alpha males competing for her heart.  Alpha Contender 4 is the final part in a serial about ten alphas competing for one BBW, and one alpha protecting her while she chooses. [Free, 0.99, 0.99, and 0.99]


(First Week on List)

When Ellie goes to the club and meets a gorgeous white billionaire, she realizes she is in for the night of her life.. 

After a passionate night together, Ellie starts to catch feelings for this mysterious, powerful alpha male. 

Soon after, a secret is revealed that will change her life forever.. [0.99]


(First Week on List)

Tommy Gabrini is divorced and back in what he calls the meat market. But he’s only tasting.His days of buying are over. When he meets Liz Logan, a smart, successful, African-American bombshell who is playing the field just as eagerly as he is, he feels as if he has finally found his open relationship soul mate. But what he isn’t banking on is the emotional connection. And when she comes through for him in a mighty way, and they both begin to realize just how much they truly need each other…. [5.99]


STRANDED by Sondra Wells

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Chloe couldn’t believe what her boss was asking of her. Traveling to his secluded mountain cabin for a meeting right before Christmas was bad enough but being forced to go with Jake, her main competitor at work would be absolute torture. For two years she had watched Jake use his Southern good ole boy charm to win accounts while she worked so much harder just to stay even. Now they were both gunning for the same coveted promotion and being stuck with him in a cabin was her worst idea of a nightmare. Jake knew Chloe was way out of his league. Not only was she smart and beautiful, she was also completely clueless how sexy he found her. After a few failed attempts to thaw her cool exterior, he had given her up as a hopeless case. Will Chloe and Jake be able to overcome their differences? Or will be stranded together in a secluded cabin only doom their relationship for good? [0.99]

WHERE THE HEART IS by Cristina Grenier

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Jamie Parks and Simon Blake were childhood friends. They grew up together and were inseparable from the time they were in diapers until it was time to leave for college. Simon moved to the city, hoping to realize his dream of being a successful doctor, while Jamie stayed in their little no-name town, going to community college and taking care of her sick mother. And though they had promised to keep in touch so nothing would come between them, their last night together is the last night they see each other for a long time. But when Simon comes back home for his first visit in seven years, Jamie’s feelings for him come back with a vengeance,. She knows that it’s not going to go anywhere, not when he’s got money and new friends and a fancy life a couple hundred miles away, but for two weeks, she wants to pretend like they have a chance. When a drunken accident results in more than either of them were bargaining for, they will be forced to examine their relationship and see what’s there to salvage. [3.99]



(First Week on List)

Curvy African American woman Sophie has met and married Tony, the man of her dreams. Never in a million years did she think she’d end up with a Russian man, let alone one that’s a billionaire; yet it’s happened. What’s more, she couldn’t be happier! But not everything’s sunshine and rose petals. Tony’s father has become more than a thorn in their side, lying and involving himself in their lives in less than pleasant ways. But what are the real reasons behind his actions? And will the interracial couple be able to stay together through all the added drama? [2.99]


GREY by Paige Notaro

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MEAGAN: I see him for what he is now – the worst kind of guy imaginable. As if being a biker weren’t enough, he’s in with racists too? What a damn fool I was letting him in so deep. Why? Just cause he was hot. And cause he treated me well. And cause he whispered sweet things to me. Cause we were winding together, closer and faster than with any other guy I’ve ever been with before. He doesn’t deserve to be in my life. I know that. So why can’t I let him go… VAUGHN: The truth had to come out sometime. What we had could never last. I had my fun, tried what I should have never had. Now, I’m free again. But I don’t want freedom. I want her. I can fix this. She’s not too far gone to see there’s more than just fireworks between us. Winning her will cost me though. The Soldiers will never let us be. There will come a day of reckoning. It’s more than that. I can’t be who I was and who she makes me want to be. But I’m damn well gonna try. [2.99]



(First Week on List)

From the outside, Shane McBride appeared to have the ideal life; he married his high school sweetheart, served time in the military, and then used that knowledge to become a Texas Ranger. That was until the day his wife was in a car accident and passed away. Shane’s whole world came tumbling down, leaving him grieving and torn. Jasmine St. Clair was the baby sister of Shane’s best friend and partner, Benjamin. So when Benjamin sends his little sister to check on his grieving pal, he doesn’t think anything is amiss. Jasmine had always had feeling for Shane McBride. She respected his marriage and nothing but friendship was between the two. But Jasmine knows firsthand that Shane’s marriage wasn’t all roses. Trying to console him, she takes him home where things escalate to fast and too quickly. Running away from things she would rather not acknowledge, Jasmine leaves Texas and goes back home to Denver. Fate brings the two together again, and it is one bumpy road to love. [2.99]


(First Week on the List)

For Noah Adams, there is one thing that is undeniable about Morgan Henderson: she is one of the most beautiful women that he’s ever seen. From her sultry brown skin to her luscious, berry-ripe lips, he can think of nothing else than to find a way to get to know her better. With loss so close to his own heart, he feels that Morgan could be his second chance at happiness. The only problem? Getting to their first date. For the first time in her adult life, Morgan Henderson does not have the resources to stand on her own two feet. After losing her job in Miami and having to move to New York to stay with her best friend Ashlee, the only thing she is focused on is regaining control of her life…that is, until Noah Adams comes into the picture. Completely caught off-guard when the dark-haired, blue-eyed epitome of rugged sexiness asks her out to dinner at a skating rink, she politely declines. Little does she know, that day on the ice won’t be the last time she sets eyes on Noah. [0.99]




ALEXEI by Roxie Rivera

(available January 6, 2015)

Shay Sandoval has big dreams and works hard to achieve them. But her older sisterlikes that fast, easy money and finds herself in a hot mess of trouble when she helps her boyfriend scam Houston’s underworld. Terrified for her sister and herself, Shay turns to the only man powerful enough to save them—former prize fighter and Russian mob enforcer Alexei Sarnov. Just as ruthless in business as he was on the streets, Alexei has built a new life as a respected, wealthy businessman. When he learns Shay’s troubled sister has invoked the wrath of Houston’s criminal elite, Alexei rushes to intercept Shay before the city’s worst men can get their hands on her. But now that she’s under his protection—and under his hands—Alexei realizes that he wants and needs more than he’s ever dared to hope for in his harsh life. He wants Shay in his home and in his bed—but not as merely his mistress. [Pre-order for 3.99]


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