IR Weekly Bestseller List for the Week of March 9, 2015



by Olivia Gaines

Last Week: 4 This Week: 1 Best Week: 1

It started with a simple request for Tony Peay to pretend to be her man for the evening. The problem was Tony enjoyed the role so much of pretending to be her man which led them to his hotel room, where he became a very real lover. Together, they created the perfect menu for loving. 


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by S.K. Lessly

Last Week: 1 This Week: 2 Best Week: 1

Georgia Sayers has always lived her life by other people’s rules, especially her best friend and fiancé. But the night before her wedding, her life came crumbling around her. She wanted to find someone to feed her deepest desires and the moment her eyes fell on him, she knew he was the one…Drake Lincoln is as bad as they come.


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by Milly Taiden

Last Week: 2 This Week: 3 Best Week: 2

Emma Ferro wants to accept Mason Wolfe’s offer to be his mate. But until he learns she’s an independent woman, he’s going to stay waiting. When Emma goes searching for a missing girl, she finds a lot more going on in Blue Creek than even the biggest shifters are aware of. Mason will have to find a way to help Emma or face losing her forever. 


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by Terry Bolryder

Last Week: 3 This Week: 4 Best Week: 1

When billionaire tech mogul Ryder Hart returns to Bearstone Park to settle his family estate, he isn’t expecting to meet a beautiful, full-figured accountant that stops him in his tracks and makes him think he’s found a mate for the first time in his life. Now how to explain to her that he can turn into a bear without scaring her off?


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by Amarie Avant

(First Week on List)

When Lux crosses paths with Victor, his presence commands her attention. From a tailor-made suit that drapes over 6 feet of muscles to aqua blue eyes that hold her siege, Lux falls fast. Victor exudes sex, and a plethora of other emotions. The most intense one being… fear. 


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by Cherry Kay

(First Week on List)

Tiffany Norman was not sure about trying online dating but her perfect match was a man named Thomas Belmont. Tall, dark and handsome, he almost seems too good to be true. Only problem is, Thomas has a dark side to his life that not many know about. When Tiffany discovers the truth about her perfect match, she is going to be SHOCKED…



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by Inger Iversen

(First Week on List)

Ex-Marine and former combat trainer, Trent Reed has agreed to be the best man at his best friend, Logan’s wedding. As maid of honor for her best friend’s wedding, Teal Lofton will have to deal with Logan’s jerk of a best man. But a serious accident sets Trent and Teal on an inevitable course of self-discovery and passion like they’ve never experienced before.



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by CJ Howard

Last Week: 8 This Week: 8 Best Week: 8

Billionaire playboy Reed is loving life as the main heir of his father’s fortune: fast cars, fancy parties and easy women. However, Reed’s father demands that he settle down or he will cut off his inheritance. In fact, he has already found the perfect woman for him to marry and it appears Reed has no choice in the matter…


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by Zola Bird

(First Week on List)

Jada is a smart, sassy, plus-sized woman. She’s at home with her curves and happy with her job at Wild Alpha Auto. Brandon is a grizzly shifter who hasn’t been back to Wild Summit since high school. But when his father calls him home, Brandon finds himself face to face with Jada, the girl he stood up for prom thirteen years ago. 



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by Roxie Rivera

(First Week on Main List)

Cruz Montes can’t believe her DEA Agent brother is abandoning her on a dusty, isolated ranch in West Texas with a cowboy she’s never met. Carlos swears Niall is the only man who can keep Cruz and her unborn baby safe but she isn’t so sure. One look at the rough ex-soldier and Cruz wonders if she wouldn’t be safer on her own. 


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Cruz Montes can’t believe her DEA Agent brother is abandoning her on a dusty, isolated ranch in West Texas with a cowboy she’s never met. Carlos swears Niall is the only man who can keep Cruz and her unborn baby safe but she isn’t so sure. One look at the rough ex-soldier and Cruz wonders if she wouldn’t be safer on her own. Rancher Niall Campbell isn’t thrilled with the prospect of babysitting his best friend’s sister, especially when he learns she’s marked for death by an infamous drug cartel assassin. But he swore a blood oath with Carlos in the heat of battle and always keeps his word. Cruz quickly realizes she isn’t the only one being followed by a ghost. She’s drawn to the haunted Niall. As she chips away at his emotional armor, Niall dares to dream about what it might be like to have a family of his own, to keep Cruz and her baby in his life. But all those dreams will remain unrealized if he can’t protect her. [0.99]


SAL GABRINI 5 by Mallory Monroe

Business mogul and Italian heartthrob Sal Gabrini has too much going on. From the international Gabrini Corporation, to his shady dealings outside of his corporate responsibilities, to dealing with all of the men who are pulling out the stops to get next to his beautiful African-American wife, he is a man on a ledge. But when enemies he didn’t even know he had decides to take it to the highest level and target his beloved wife, he becomes a man on a mission. In a sexy and furious installment of the Gabrini Men series, Salvatore Luciano Gabrini is angry, and determined to bring to his brand of justice every one of the MFs who thought they could play with fire by targeting his wife, and not get burned. Sal Luca will not only burn them, but will burn down everything they hold dear. [5.99]

3 FEEL THE BURN by Lauryn A. King

Alexandria Hamilton is a dedicated nurse. Her empathetic, intuitive and compassionate nature makes her invaluable. According to her ex-boyfriend, it makes her an inattentive girlfriend. After a personal revelation, she joins Feel The Burn, a popular gym in Miami owned by Nikolaj Balakov. Known as Nico to his friends, he’s also one of the best personal trainers in Miami. Their workouts quickly develop into a friendship. Nico comes to the rescue, pretending to be her fiancé and a wild night in Vegas changes everything. With her improved curves, her ex now wants her back, her friend’s jealous and her mother’s intent on controlling her life. Even Nico’s feelings changed. But how can he convince her that their one night in Vegas can lead to so much more? [3.99]

4 DAMEN by Tressie Lockwood

Damen’s wife left him to raise his daughter alone. She said he was boring, and she wanted something more. Since then, he’s lived a carefree life without the ties of a relationship to hold him down. The only female that matters to him now is his little girl, and he’ll give her whatever she wants. On impulse, Damen and his brother opened a restaurant called Marquette’s in the heart of New Orleans’ French Quarter, and they’re having amazing success. Everything feels right. There’s absolutely nothing more Damen could ask for, despite the nagging of his older brother, who says he’s not being true to himself. Then two things change Damen’s world—two people rather. Heaven, an old lover, strolls into Marquette’s and applies for a job, and a mysterious young boy with a love for music stirs Damen’s protective instincts. [3.99]


HIM & HER by Shelby Mitchell

When a hot, sexy gamer geek obsessed with winning meets his match in a sassy, take no crap ‘cook’, sparks fly and a game served spicy begins. Micah James is tall, excessively handsome, a brilliant success as a top video game programmer and a jerk of the first order. Used to flashing a smile and a wink to get whatever he wants, Micah knows what he wants right now and it’s for the local supermarket deli ‘cook’ to be his personal chef. Nori Blackmon is sassy, curvy and determined to make a success of her life, no matter the cost or sacrifice. She has little time for the spoiled, good looking frat boy demanding she drop everything to come work for him as his personal chef. When their worlds collide, neither is ready for the perfect and powerful chemistry that exists between them or that a love like this can form between two people with such different lives and dreams. [0.99]




by Theodora Taylor


Everyone thinks Colin Fairgood is exactly what his PR machine tells them—a country superstar with a killer smile and dazzling blue eyes. But I met him before his country makeover and the fame. Colin has a dark side… one that takes me places I’ve never been. One that makes me want to do very bad things with him. One that makes me scared of him. And even more scared of myself.I don’t know what kind of endgame he’s running on my heart, but he’s definitely playing for keeps. And if I’m not careful, he’s going win.But what happens when he finds out about my past? And discovers all my secrets? One hell of a story. That’s what. [4.99]

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