IR Weekly Bestseller List for the Week of April 27, 2015

Interracial Romance Bestsellers



We’re welcoming new books by DJ Parker, Terry Bolryder, CJ Howard, Phoenix Rayne, Leila Lacey, Amarie Avant, Perri Forrest, Victoria H Smith, Reana Malori, and Thayer King to the list this week. Plus, a Hot Shortie nod, for UNDERCOVER ALPHA, a bestselling novella that was too short to make the list.


Platform Wide Bestsellers

These are the books you can find beyond the Amazon store…        

1 LOVED BY YOU by Victoria Smith

The world moves with him… Griffin Chandler. He’s on his own wavelength, creator of his own destiny. He took that drive and accomplished his dreams on the court. He made the world see him, adore him as much as I do. And he adores me too. He does so through the good, the bad, and even the very worst that causes me to lose myself. He found me once, though. In a way, I also found him too, but am I strong enough to keep him? Is he strong enough to keep me? [2.99]


2 SIENNA & JACOB by Thayer King

The year is 2100. Wise people marry by registering with Bioexpa Data Match. Recently paired, Sienna Bloom and Jakob House have known each other since they were teens. Sienna’s been awaiting her perfect mate since she signed up with Bioexpa at the age of eighteen. She’s thrilled when she’s paired with Jakob. There’s only one problem. Jakob’s in love with another woman. Jakob only signed up with Bioexpa to make his girlfriend Ella happy. When he returns to his hometown, it’s with the intention of settling down with Ella. But then he’s matched with Sienna through Bioexpa and his plans fall apart. He’s not one to ever break a promise, but he can’t deny the pull he feels towards Sienna. [2.99]

3 TOUCH OF AMBER by Jayne Rylon

As the planner for the Hot Rods’ quadruple wedding, Amber Brown’s a teensy bit envious of the raw sexual power contained within the Hot Rods’ polyamorous circle. But after watching her mother suffer the heartache of her father’s death, Amber won’t risk her heart, not even for the super-sexy lawyer on the guest list. Gavyn has handled enough divorce cases to witness the horrors people who supposedly loved each other can inflict. Yet when he assists Amber with the wedding prep, it’s hard to ignore the steam rising between them. Until Amber makes a shocking discovery and leaves Gavyn negotiating desperately for a future he never thought he craved. [3.44]



Wily behavior wasn't, by any means, a new thing to Noel Haddon. He saw it on the field with every training camp, every practice. He saw it when he stared opposing team players in the eye and let them know he'd be taking their glory before the game was done. However, he'd tout to anyone listening that he hadn't been prepared for the crazy legs of Alana Stafford. The woman was difficult. Puzzling. Sexy as all damn get out. But it appears that the green eyed, toffee skinned, sweetly dimpled beauty desires to keep their one night together safely tucked away in a black box with no intentions of reopening it. Unfortunately for her, Noel will stop at nothing to show her that there's a reason he's called "The Brute"… [2.99]


5 CLOSER TO YOU by Reana Malori

Penelope Lucas works too hard at pleasing everyone but herself. On awhim, she finally decides to go out with some friends for a night on the town to let loose. When she sets eyes on the unforgettable man standing across the room, she throws caution to the wind and decides to live a little. While visiting the nation’s capital to decide if he will move his company headquarters, little does Gabriel Turner know that his life is on a collision course with the one person who will make him want everything he once thought he would never have. What starts as a night of letting go of inhibitions and taking risks, quickly becomes a love that neither is willing to let go of. No matter the cost. [2.99]