IR Weekly Bestseller List for the Week of March 30, 2015

Interracial Romance Bestsellers




Platform Wide Bestsellers

These are the books you can find beyond the Amazon store…

1 THIS I PROMISE YOU by Maureen Smith

In this steamy sequel to Tempt Me at Midnight, Quentin and Lexi Reddick are enjoying a life of wedded bliss. They have everything they could ever want and their love is stronger than ever, proving why best friends make the best soul mates. But when a stranger from Quentin’s past appears unexpectedly, old wounds are reopened, forcing him to confront the family he never knew. As his anger threatens to consume him, Lexi hopes her love will be enough to teach him the healing power of forgiveness. [4.99]

2 VENOMOUS by Penelope Fletcher

Abducted from Earth and transported to a slave planet in an unknown galaxy, Lumen finds herself, shackled, naked and put on display before an alien horde. Told the males will battle for the right to slake their lusts with her body, she would become the slave of slaves. Venomous One, a proud warrior enslaved, has given up hope of returning to his home world and finding a life mate. When a female is tossed into the arena his soul demands he claim her. Winning his mate by Right of Might, he vows to protect Lumen and be a good provider, no matter how ugly her human appearance. Rescued by Venomous’ people, the couple face space pirates, the condemnation of an alien government, galactic war, and a deadlier threat from within the warrior’s own kindred. [4.99]


THE ONLY ONE FOR ME by Toni Jackson

Sean Davenport has it all. He’s rich, successful and single. From the time he was a child, the importance of keeping his father’s legacy in the family was drilled into him. His dream was to expand the company until Davenport Corporation was a household name. The one thing Sean Davenport wants – needs – is a child of his own blood to carry on the legacy his father left behind. A child of his own that he could groom and train to take over the company when the time came. For a man of his means, it should have been simple. But money can’t buy everything. And this is the one thing he begins to believe he will never have. At least until he meets Danielle Knox, a rising star in the art world and the one person in the world who doesn’t appear to be impressed by his wealth. To achieve his goal, he has to make her fall in love with him. But first he has to keep her alive…. [2.99]

HIS FOR KEEPS by Theodora Taylor

Everyone thinks Colin Fairgood is exactly what his PR machine tells them—a country superstar with a killer smile and dazzling blue eyes. But I met him before his country makeover and the fame. Colin has a dark side… one that takes me places I’ve never been. One that makes me want to do very bad things with him. One that makes me scared of him. And even more scared of myself. I don’t know what kind of endgame he’s running on my heart, but he’s definitely playing for keeps. And if I’m not careful, he’s going win. But what happens when he finds out about my past? And discovers all my secrets? [4.99]

5 AMORE by Sienna Mynx

In the spring of 1994 the fashion would awaits the return of the reclusive designer Mirabella Battaglia. Many have speculated for years about the torrid love affair between their fallen star and the world’s most notorious crime boss Don Giovanni Battaglia. Mirabella is overjoyed. She has it all, a husband who loves her, a new sisterhood with her long lost twin, healthy children and a loving family that supports her. Now is the time to reclaim her passion for designing. However, a very dangerous enemy lurks in the shadows. He wants the woman and life he thinks was stolen from him, and he is prepared to burn the Battaglia dynasty to the ground to have her again. Secrets, plots of revenge, and lies infiltrate the Battaglia family. The destruction and pain left behind is catastrophic and can only be healed by true love. But will Giovanni and Mirabella learn that lesson too late? [5.99]