IR Weekly Bestseller List for the Week of May 26, 2015

Interracial Romance Bestsellers



We’re welcoming new books by Monica Castle, Mallory Monroe, Naomi Wyatt, Michelle Hardin and Natalie Kristen to this week’s lists. Plus…a hot collection nod for THE ALPHA KINGS by Theodora Taylor!


Platform Wide Bestsellers

These are the books you can find beyond the Amazon store…        


1 BRENT SINATRA: ALL OF ME by Mallory Monroe

Handsome Brent Sinatra has a lot on his plate. As chief of the Jericho County Police Department, he has to deal with corruption and brutality on his police force, a school shooting involving his kid sister, a hit-and-run involving his kid brother, and the prospect of Makayla Ross, his beautiful African-American girlfriend, relocating to Jericho, at his request, to take their long-term romance to the ultimate level. But when Brent receives news about a son he didn’t know he had, and skeletons from his past seeks to destroy what he is trying to build with his lady love, he gives it his all for his woman, his child, and his very existence. [5.99]



Women came easy…But then, for photographer, Xander Chase, most things came easy…except love. His portraits are renowned for revealing the heart and soul of his subjects, yet, he keeps his own heart hidden behind a playboy facade. All he cares about is revenge, and for that, he needs a stand-in girlfriend for a weekend fling.Struggling actress, Imani Brooks, has been offered the coveted role of a lifetime…playing the part of an escort in a renowned play. When Xander proposes a weekend of research in Paris, she jumps at the chance. Their pretend relationship is the perfect way to dig into her role. She just has to remember that what they have is only for show. Everything goes as planned until passion erupts and blurs the line between fiction and reality. Can Imani get past the walls Xander’s built around his heart and find the real man hidden behind the camera lens?  [3.99]



What would you do if you find out that the baby you’re pregnant with might not be yours? Kanielle Richardson is the perfect wife in everyone’s eyes, except her husband Robert’s. His desire to please his family comes before her. After years of refusing his wife a child, Robert is ready to have a baby to satisfy his family. Their relationship suffered a few bumps along the way causing pain and suffering. Is Kanielle willing to forgive and forget? Brandon and Maggie Stokes seemed to be the perfect couple. They yearned to have a baby, sealing their happiness. Their relationship took a downfall because of their infertility issues. Brandon always putting his wife first, sacrificing his happiness for hers, will a baby give them their happy ever after? Four lives entangled in one mistake, making one Perfectly Mixed baby. [4.99]



When Willow Barton let her guard down one night, she never thought the sensual encounter would result in an unplanned pregnancy. Still she knows that Major Chase Ackers, the father of her child deserves to know about the baby that their night of passion created. What she doesn’t expect is for him to want to be a part of her and their baby’s life. Chase is a career military man. He’s intentionally avoided any entanglements that would lead to marriage or children. Then he met Willow Barton. When she told him that their heated encounter had resulted in her being pregnant, his well laid out strategy went out the window. Yet, the panic he’d expected to feel never came. Instead he found himself wanting to make a relationship between him and Willow work—and not just for the sake of their baby. [2.99]



After an erotic one-week fling with a musician she meets in a bar, Thea Cunning never expects to see Levi Black again. Then Monday morning comes around, and she discovers that her former lover is not only her professor, but he’s also one of the top criminal lawyers in the state. With everyone in class vying to be one of the twelve disciples—a group of twelve students that Professor Black takes under his wing—tensions run high. Thea considers dropping his clas. After all, there are other (less infuriatingly sexy) law professors on campus. But to accomplish her goal and get her father out of prison, Thea knows she needs to learn under the best of the best—and that’s Levi Black.But can she learn under the best, without being under the best? [3.99]