IR Weekly Bestseller List for the Week of July 13, 2015

Interracial Romance Bestsellers


Ooh-la-la!!! We’ve got new books from Milly Taiden, Cher Etan, Caitlin Daire, Cristina Grenier, Tasha Blue, Nikki Winter and Billy London hitting the lists this week. Plus a hot, hot, hot new release by S.K. Lessly.


Platform Wide Bestsellers

These are the books you can find beyond the Amazon store…



Bad boy Mick Sinatra feels the heat from the Feds from outside, and disloyal men from within. He has no time for love. But when a woman comes along so unlike the dull socialites and supermodels of his past, he wonders if fate is playing a cruel trick on him. How can a woman so virtuous, and kind, and beautiful in a way that reduced him to a horny teenager ever want anything to do with a hard, cold man like him? He know he can have her. He never met a woman he could not woo. But in order to keep her, which he absolutely intends to do, he knows he will have to open himself bare and show her the good, the bad, and the ugly Mick. Mick Sinatra is a hugely successful businessman. Mick the Tick is a thug. African-American actress Roz Graham never dreamed the handsome Italian at the audition could ever become the love of her life. He’s rude and crude and brutally honest. But there’s another side to him. The side that treats her, the girl who never got any breaks, like a queen. And when she decides to give her heart to him, she is amazed at the care, the attention, and yes, the love he gives back to her. [5.99]



Ashleigh Thyne was a man haunted by a bevy of things, most of them the hollow echo of memories he'd buried long ago. The other ghosts rattling the frame of his bed at night consisted of his ex-fiance Mackenzie Rogan's unshakable image and the sound of their daughter's laughter. For three years he's tried and failed at compartmentalizing the day that she packed up every possession she had and left him. Adding insult to injury is Mackenzie's engagement to someone that Ashleigh hates on principle alone. What's a man to do when the first and only woman he'll ever love is attempting to replace him and his pride is finally on its last leg? Ashleigh doesn't know, but he'll be damned if he allows someone else to claim what belongs solely to him and always will. After all, barbarians weren't exactly known for giving up without a fight, now were they? [2.99]


As an orphan, astronaut, Dallas Mann learned the value of self-reliance and preservation at an early age. As an adult she’s determined to live her life on her own terms, just as soon as she can get from under the pesky Orphanage contract. Only one more mission stood between her and freedom. What she isn’t prepared for is being lost, light years from home and claimed. [4.50]



Widow. Sister. Mother. All those labels hung from Emmanuella Harrison, like the 'A' of shame. After so many years of playing it straight, she'd forgotten who the real Ella was. Sometimes, whenever she managed to make the severe Durante Da Canaveze smile, the sparkle of the woman she'd been a long time ago ignited in her….The moment Ella drifted into Tuscany, Durante started to doubt the wisdom of his years of self-imposed solitude. With every teasing grin, backless dress and playful conversation, he fell more and more deeply under her spell. As dazzled as he is by her, Durante is convinced his history is enough to not deserve anyone, let alone someone like Ella. [5.99]

5 DIRTY by Eve Vaughn [BWWM] 

To the outside world, rising star Simone Carter seems to have it all together, including a dream career envied by many. But her decision to remain single is challenged when one man refuses to take no for an answer. Paul Winters wanted Simone from the moment he laid eyes on her. When she rejects him he bides his time, waiting for the moment to claim the woman he knows is his. While he waits, a specter from his past comes back to haunt him, pulling him back into the gritty life he walked away from a long time ago. He soon finds himself immersed in a lifestyle that could destroy all he’s worked for, and could ruin his chances with the woman he most desires. Paul and Simone are both set on a path to self-destruction, but when these two come together, things get hot, passionate, and a little bit…. [4.50]