IR Weekly Bestseller List for the Week of Sept. 21, 2015

Check out these hot books burning up the Fall! We’ve got new novels by Imani King, Sara Allen, Cher Etan, Mia Caldwell, Monica Castle, Mychal Daniels, and Mary Calmes hitting the lists this week!


Platform Wide Bestsellers

These are the books you can find beyond the Amazon store…


1 KEEP by Kaye Blue [BWWM]

HER: I thought the only thing I feared was living another day in the hell my life had become. Butwhen I looked at his hulking, tattooed body, the icy brutality in his eyes, I realized I was wrong. HIM: Familie. My clan. I’d fight for it, kill for it, die for it. It’s all that matters to me. But her innocence, only barely hidden by thick layers of makeup, the curves that her tight dress can’t hide, calls to me. So I’ve decided to keep her. No matter how deadly the consequences. [0.99]


2 RESCUED BY TORDIN by Mychal Daniels [BWETM] 

Curvy, intelligent and focused, Kyra Simmons has her eye on the prize. She’s locked her sights on becoming the top technical engineer for the most prestigious space program back on Earth. Stranded on the now failing Space station, Kyra needs a miracle to survive. She has no idea that the ‘foreign’ astronauts who show up to rescue her are out of this world—literally. Warrior Lord Tordin, Crown Prince of Olodia, knows he’s outside of the Mandates of the Intergalactic Alliance when he intercedes to rescue the survivors of the Earth space station. But he’s not prepared for what he finds in the unassuming Earth female. Kyra’s biggest problem is not getting back to Earth; it’s how not to fall for this alien Warrior Lord whose the actual man of her dreams. [2.99]



Footballer Devin Spencer is a bad boy in need of handling. Notorious for his off-field exploits, he’s pushed one too many buttons, and even his agent has washed his hands of him. If he doesn’t straighten up his act, the Champions League goalie could face his last days on the pitch. Gemma Clarke is at the top of her game. She’s a sports agent with a bright future. The only dark spot? The recent addition of her former lover, Devin Spencer, to her client roster. A decade ago their passionate love affair abruptly ended when Croydon F.C.’s development team came calling. Now Devin’s back, the chemistry between them is hotter than ever, and he's out to prove they belong together by any means necessary. [0.99]


4 FIT TO BE TIED by Mary Calmes [?MWM]

Deputy US Marshals Miro Jones and Ian Doyle are now partners on and off the job: Miro’s calm professionalism provides an ideal balance to Ian’s passion and quick temper. In a job where one misstep can be the difference between life and death, trust means everything. But every relationship has growing pains, and sometimes Miro stews about where he stands with his fiery lover. Could the heartstrings that so recently tied them together be in danger of unraveling? Those new bonds are constantly challenged by family intrusions, well-intentioned friends, their personal insecurities, and their dangerous careers—including a trial by fire when an old case of Miro’s comes back to haunt them. It might just be enough to make Ian rethink his decision to let himself be tied down, and Miro can only hope the links they’ve forged will be strong enough to hold. [5.38]


5 STILL IN LOVE by Delaney Diamond [BWWM] 

Three years ago, Nadine Alesini divorced her husband and left Buenos Aires with her daughter in tow. Now she’s back and forced to spend time with the man she left behind. Cortez Alesini long ago accepted that his music career aided in the demise of his marriage. So he didn’t expect that he and Nadine would spend passionate nights together while she’s back in his country, causing them to question if they gave up too soon. But the reappearance of someone from his past immediately causes friction, and may destroy any chance they have at a true reconciliation. [0.99]